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Shauno & Graham's Favourite Campsites YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF..

Shauno & Graham's Favourite Campsites YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF..

We've been so incredibly lucky to have travelled to so many amazing places and camped at some of the best camping spots across Australia.

We thought, why not share with you some lesser-known campsites most people don't know about..

Btw, if you like these campsites please do us a favour and share them with ya mates! Enjoy!

Coastal Camp - Lorella Springs, NT

Coastal Camp Lorella Springs NT

This was perhaps our most ambitious 4WD Action trip to date; try to push a brand new track through virgin scrub from Lorella Springs homestead out to the coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

After several days of busted vehicles and more flat tyres than we could cope with, we were forced to abandon the vehicles and continue to the coast via boat. What we found at the mouth of the river was a top end paradise. White sandy beaches and fish rich protected bays that hadn't seen white feet in possibly forever.

Today the very bay we landed our small tinny on all those years ago, is an official campsite with a rough 4WD track leading all the way in from the Lorella Homestead. Camp right on the beach or back under the shade of trees. Launch your boat in the flat water of the bay and fish for barra, jacks and queenies, safe in the knowledge you're one of only a handful of people to have done so.

Blue Mud Bay, NT

Blue Mud Bay NT

Without a doubt, this campsite was the wildest night I've ever had under canvas. Herds of buffalo charging within meters of the 4WDs, crocs within a stones throw of our swags (with more red eyes glowing under torchlight than anyone was comfortable with) a billion magpie geese causing a deafening ruckus and clouds of mosquitos that had us fighting for who could sit in the campfire smoke.

Blue Mud Bay in Arnhem Land stands as the craziest campsite we've ever visited; like a scene direct from a wildlife documentary.

These days the site has been made available to the public via but whilst the initial raw nature we experienced has been tamed down a little, this is still pure East Arnhem Land at its very best. We suggest you get onto this before word gets out as this is one of the single best hidden secrets left in Australia.

Kenilworth Camping, QLD

Kenilworth Camping QLD

We found this gem on wiki camps. It's a dairy farm that opens up a lot of their paddocks to campers – and if you're lucky you'll snare a grassy spot right in the river banks like this.

This is our base camp anytime we come to the area because it's so bloody close to all the insane 4WD tracks in the area - the views are sensational, there's heaps of shade, and there's toilets and firepits available.

Luckily for Graham if he's not keen on Shauno's cooking the best bakery in Australia is only a few minutes away in Kenilworth.

This has to be one of the best weekend campsites close to Brisbane you'll find – and it's still fairly unknown!

Glen Mervyn Dam, WA

Glen Mervyn Dam WA

It's free, it's as scenic as it gets and nobody goes here – this is the campsite every 4WDer dreams of finding! Glen Mervyn Dam is near Collie – a few hours south of Perth nestled among the huge Jarrah forests close to where Graham calls home.

There's a heap of firewood nearby, and you can camp right next to the water so you can have a swim, a fish, even catch Marron in season! Glen Mervyn is less known than the big dams in the area – so it means you can often come here and get a cracking spot and not be bothered for days!

Smithy's Seaside Adventures, WA

Smithys Seaside Adventures WA

If you're up around Broome and miss out on this cracker you'll be kicking yourself. The Dampier Peninsula has a heap of camping, but Smithy's is a secret spot so many people don't know about! Camping is right above a beach you'll have to yourself most times you walk down on it.

It's kilometres long and home to some of the craziest shells and coral your kids will ever see. You can launch a tinny into the water and catch fish, spot whales and have a great time – just be careful of the massive 10m+ tide that can catch you out!

Our top 5 bucket list experiences would be to go crabbing with Smithy – walk the banks of a river you nobody else can give you access to and catch big mud crabs with your bare hands!

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