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Delivery & Shipping


Where Can Snatch Be Shipped?

We ship to anywhere in Australia (even Tasmania!). 

We currently ship to the following:

  • United States of America (USA)
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • New Zealand 
  • Canada

We are constantly working on our international shipping process, and will add more countries to our list as we progress. We appreciate your patience as we work on this!


How Much Does Shipping Cost?

All shipment pricing is based off of product weight, destination and speed of service. The shipping fee is calculated during checkout, once your address has been entered.

International Shipping flat-rates have been calculated off estimates from Australia Post to those particular countries. Items bulkier in nature (Recovery Gear, Canvas Bags, etc.) have an additional charge as they are larger and/or heavier to ship than apparel. 


How Long Will Shipping Take?

Depending on where you live, Australia’s Parcel Post usually takes between 3 and 8 working days. It may be a little longer dependent on your address. Our shed is based out of the NSW, so if you’re on the West coast it will take up to two weeks to arrive.

International Shipping:

Depending on where you live, Australia's International Parcel Post estimates your order can take anywhere from 6 - 14 days to arrive, sometimes longer during peak periods (Christmas etc.).

Please check your location on the AusPost website link below for further details (Standard Parcels). Please note: we don't offer express shipping for International Orders. 

International delivery times - Australia Post (

Can I Track My Goods?

 Yes you sure can! All packages receive an AusPost tracking number which is emailed to you on the day your parcel is posted.

You can enter your tracking number and follow your items journey here:


Stolen / Lost Items

We all know we live amongst some pretty low-characters. Unfortunately our paths seem to cross when it comes to our highly-awaited Snatch Order! If you find out your parcel has been delivered, but not received we follow the following steps:

1. We will contact Australia Post and get them to proceed with an investigation into your specific delivery. The driver will be able to provide information such as a photograph of the house it was delivered at, or information as to where the parcel was left.

2. If Australia Post is at fault - we will re-ship your order and proceed with reimbursement from Australia Post for the lost items. Sometimes though, we see an item return to the system and be re-delivered (this is thanks to the good folks out there who realised an item was delivered incorrectly and they handed it back in).

3. If the parcel has in-fact been delivered to the correct address, and you still did not receive it - we will then deem this as stolen. We will then re-ship the items to you, or if they are out-of-stock offer a similar replacement item. We will not issue refunds for these items, sorry! But hopefully you can understand :)