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Snatch Recovery Kit - SRCV23RECK2

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There's no recovery kit on the market with this unique combination of gear and a bag like this! Here's why the Snatch Recovery Kit is PERFECT for 4WDers:

Everything you need, nothing you don't

  • After 2 decades of 4WDing, Shauno knew exactly what the Snatch Recovery Kit needed. It's got everything you need for almost every possible recovery, and nothing that's not needed - so you aren't paying for gear you'll never use!

Lighter & Safer components

  • We used soft shackles instead of metal ones to remove weight, and make this kit so much safer. Instead of a snatch or pulley block, we've included a heavy-duty aluminium winch ring too!
  • Removing metal and moving parts from a recovery kit makes the actual recovery safer - but also makes your kit lighter, easier to store & carry!
  • Even the winch extension is a synthetic rope, which is much lighter and easier to store than a traditional strap, especially when it gets wet!

Quality 4WDers expect

  • We know recovery gear needs to last and perform when you need it - so we used high-quality snatch straps, big thick tree trunk protectors and premium winch rope for the winch extension strap

A recovery bag like no other

  • Our heavy-duty canvas and PVC recovery bag doesn't just hold all your gear - it doubles as a winch blanket which is an essential for every recovery. We hate it when the blanket slips down the winch rope, so we added a retention strap to the bag - so you can attach it to your winch hook, stopping it from sliding down mid recovery!

Value for money

  • No recovery kit on the market has these inclusions (soft shackles, heavy-duty bag, winch ring) - do your own research and you'll see why the gear & quality we've packed in to this kit make it one of the BEST value for money recovery kits money can buy!

What's Included:

  • 1x 11,000KG 9m Snatch Strap
  • 1x 12,000KG 3m Tree Trunk Protector
  • 1x 9,500KG 15m Winch Extension Rope
  • 1x 12,500KG Winch Ring
  • 2x 15,000KG Soft Shackles
  • All stored in a recovery bag that doubles as a winch damper

Keep Safe When Recovering Vehicles:

Inspect straps, rope, and shackles for wear and tear. Discard and replace damaged recovery equipment. Use only with a rated working load and recovery point. Keep bystanders at a safe distance. Do not allow straps to come in contact with sharp or hot surfaces, this may damage/degrade the material. Store in a dry, dark place.

All straps are rated to minimum breaking strength (MBS). It is important to correctly attach the motor vehicle recovery strap to a motor vehicle. A standard tow ball or vehicle tie-down point is not designed for this purpose and may result in the strap or a vehicle component detaching from a motor vehicle and striking and seriously injuring or killing a person. Only attach the strap to a vehicle recovery point or device that is suitably rated for use with the strap. Incorrect use has previously resulted in serious injury and death. The minimum breaking strength of the strap should be between two and three times the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of any vehicle it is used with. Always look after yourself and your mates and put safety first!