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Snatch Soft Shackle 15T - SN15TSSH

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The shackle is the connector for all your different pieces of gear that make getting your vehicle out of the tough stuff possible. Upgrading to soft shackles from metal ones means you’re removing some danger out of your recovery – there’s no metal that can fly around if anything breaks. Soft shackles are lighter, they also float on water, and are super easy to store.



  • Strap: 11mm x 600mm
  • Material: UHMWPE
  • Construction: 12-strand single braided rope, coated for UV and chemical resistance. 
  • The rope has a braided sleeve for added protection.
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 15,000kg



  • Inspect the shackle for wear and tear.
  • Use only with a rated recovery point, do not use with a vehicle tow ball or tie-down points.
  • Keep bystanders at a safe distance.
  • Do not allow shackles to come in contact with sharp or hot surfaces, this may damage or degrade your shackle.
  • Store in a dry, dark place.